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Videos of Kinnie Starr


Selected music videos & performances by Kinnie Starr


Win or Lose

Released by Boomsmack Records (single, 2021)


dir: Ryan Nolan (single, 2016)

Save Our Waters: feat Ja$e ElNino

Haida Raid 3 (2014)

Kiss It

Live in Calgary (2010)

Another's Gone

Kinnie Starr (2008)

La La Le La La

with Tegan Quin of Tegan & Sara (2008)

We Can Do It

Kinnie Starr, Amai Kuda, Y! & M1 of Dead Prez (2016)

Sun Again

Live in New York City (2006)

Live with Tanya Tagaq

The Aboriginal People's Choice Awards (2010)


'The L Word' TV series (2008)

We Work

Kinnie Starr @ Youth Workshop (2014)

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