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"The Best" feat. Kinnie Starr
by Amanda Rheaume

Kinnie Starr just co-wrote the powerful single, THE BEST, with Amanda Rheaume and is looking into the future with hope! 


Over the last handful of years, Kinnie Starr dealt quietly and fearfully with an anonymous stalker to the home, threatening her with rape and death taunts and more. This began in 2016, and over three years, the stalker escalated and was finally sentenced and jailed in November of 2019. Starr was managing a brain injury from a taxi cab collision and the overdose death of her younger brother during those years, so Starr has had to choose between going down or coming up, and she chose coming up. Resilience is in her blood and bones. 


2020 will see the release of her soundtrack for the award-winning Edge of the Knife (directed by Gwaai Edenshaw and Helen Haig-Brown, produced by Jonathon Franz), and a follow-up podcast to Play Your Gender, the documentary film Starr released (directed by Stephanie Clattenburg and produced by Sahar Yousefi) in 2016 on gender equity in the music industry.


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