Highlights of 2019

What to look for in 2020...

  • Play Your Gender was released in 2016. Four years later, has anything changed for women in the recording industry? Kinnie will be exploring this and related questions in a follow-up podcast produced by Aporia Records.

  • This year will see the release of Kinnie Starr’s first ambient music album, “She walks upstream”, the soundtrack of Edge of the Knife, winner of best Canadian Film at the VIFF, the Sun Jury Award at imagineNATIVE and included in the Toronto Film Festival's Top Ten list.

  • CMW showcase presented by Element 106.5 FM at Hugh's Room

Feed the Fire

Kinnie Starr's 2018 album, Feed the Fire, comes out of much reflection done in the aftermath of a taxi cab collision that resulted in a brain injury. Her road to recovery deepened her interest in the nature of communication in an era where immediacy is king and anxiety disorders rise alongside extroversion and "urgent" digital chatter. Feed the Fire is a critical look at where we are at in our relationships to the screen, to our faiths, and to each other: our devices allow us to stay up all night viewing porn, fighting for likes or hype on social media, tailoring our public personas as a means of delivering toxicity...or warmth.

Feed the Fire is about hope and despair in perilous times and reconnecting with our truest selves

Edge of the Knife

Kinnie Starr scored her second film recently, Edge Of The Knife, a film about redemption that has been widely awarded, including Top Ten at TIFF 2018. Arriving more than a century after British Columbia's first-ever feature film, In the Land of the Head Hunters — Edward S. Curtis' controversial but undeniably fascinating portrait of the Kwakwaka'wakw people of northern Vancouver Island — Edge of the Knife is the first feature to tell a story about the Kwakwaka'wakw's neighbours the Haida.