About Kinnie Starr

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“...edgy and enchanting.”

- The New Yorker


“...never didactic, always intelligent.”

- The Japan Times

Starr's career has taken her around the world -- across Canada, the U.S., Europe and Asia, but she is first and foremost an artist and activist. Her activism began before her career in music as a visual artist, and her current visual work continues to touch on her areas of interest: race, home, family and humanity.

"I imagined myself to be a grown man for this song, addicted to porn and trolling the internet for a fight," says Kinnie Starr about "Gotta Do Something," the first single released from her 2018 album, Feed the Fire.

Starr, an avowed lover of language, returns with her unique blend of conscious hip hop and groove driven pop. It's an album that comes out of much reflection done in the aftermath of a taxi cab collision that resulted in a brain injury. Her road to recovery deepened her interest in the nature of communication in an era where immediacy is king and anxiety disorders rise alongside extroversion and "urgent" digital chatter.

This exploration resulted in a record that opens a dialogue on where we are at in our relationships to the screen, to our faiths, and to each other. Our devices allow us to stay up all night viewing porn, fighting for likes or hype on social media, tailoring our public personas as a means of delivering toxicity...or warmth. Feed the Fire is about hope and despair in perilous times and reconnecting with our truest selves.


“...raw and feral talent.”

- The Globe and Mail


“...sensual, spiritual, self-possessed original...
blazing her own influential trail.”

- The Record