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Kinnie Starr first entered the public eye in the mid nineties and was the subject of immediate bidding wars resulting in her signing with Mercury/island/DefJam (1997). The anti-star's Starr, Kinnie has since made a career out of sidestepping celebrity machinery. Starr creates raw, intuitive material that straddles the lines between folk, rap, art-pop and poetry.

Self-taught in music, Starr has been producing and engineering since the start of her professional career in 1996. Under the guidance of her long time manager, Mandy Wheelwright, Starr founded her own record label at that time and is one of the first female-run record labels in the country. 25 years later she continues to blaze her own influential trail.She has worked in arts activism and mentorship since 2006 with a focus on putting Indigenous, female-identified and LGBTQ people into positions of power as her long-term objective. She has taught through Canadian School Presenters Online, Art starts In Schools, AMP Camp, and Banff Centre, and continues to mentor privately.


“...raw and feral talent.”

- The Globe and Mail

“...sensual, spiritual, self-possessed original...
blazing her own influential trail.”

- The Record

“...edgy and enchanting.”

- The New Yorker


“...never didactic, always intelligent.”

- The Japan Times


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